Early Pregnancy

Beta-hCG testing & Echography

Dr Vimal S. Gobin, M.D


Booking an appointment is preferred to minimise waiting time. Making a booking also ensures that you receive adequate instructions that will favour detection and confirmation. You can also walk in without an appointment, but waiting time cannot be guaranteed. Bookings can be made by calling on 5810 1000.

If you have an appointment, the pregnancy confirmation visit itself can last from 5 to 15 minutes, but it may take longer if you have questions or want to discuss.

You will be asked to pass urine no later than 45 minutes before your appointment and then drink 1 L (one litre) of water within 15 minutes.

For example: If your appointment is at 13:00, you will need to pass urine at or before 12:15, and then drink 1 litre of water (ideally, start drinking at 12:15 and finish by 12:30).

If you are just walking in without an appointment, try to time the urination and drinking with the time you will be reaching. However, you may have to wait (with an uncomfortably full bladder!) if there are other patients who do have an appointment (or pass urine when you arrive, but then you will have to drink another litre of water and wait another 45 minutes). So please, if possible, book an appointment.

Call on 5810 1000.

Walking distance from:

The nearest tram station (Beau-Bassin)
10 minutes

MCB / Tangs Way / McDonald's Beau-Bassin
8 minutes

The nearest bus stop from Port-Louis
7 minutes

The nearest bus stop from Rose-Hill
6 minutes

See the map below.


5810 - 1000


6 Lord Byron Street, Beau-Bassin 71505